These are some success stories, testimonials and personal examples of prayers working in our lives. We share a Prayer Works story at our weekly Celebration.

A new Spiritual family

Thank you so much for a wonderful Life Visioning class! It truly has been the highlight of my life for the last few weeks and I am looking forward to the next course offering! I feel as if I have found a new spiritual family and I am happy that I have been welcomed with open arms.

- Laurie S.

The Reminder I Needed

Thank you for right-on-time New Years' God call. I was just getting anxious looking at the to do list items I did not complete!!!!!!!

 - C.S.

Practical Prayer Works

Joe Mitchell on the Practical Prayer Workshop

I want to commend Bill and Dave for their remarkable workshop on Practical Prayer at the Kalyana Centre several weeks ago.  The workshop was extremely practical and I was able to put the content to immediate use.